the values of heroes who compassionately
crusaded for peace
using excellence, dignity, and endurance as their weapons of choice

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The Six New Terms Created from My Research

Term One - Instinctual Behavior Recognition: Be able to identify your counterproductive, instinctual, knee-jerk reactions and emotions and understand the physiological reason why they exist (aggression, dominance, jealousy, possessiveness, the need to always be right, etc.).

Term Two – Non-Instinctual Free Choice:  The ability to override counterproductive instinctual reactions with free-choice behavior. For example: Using empathy and cooperation instead of retaliatory aggression when encountering conflict and maintaining your enemy’s dignity throughout their defeat and recovery.

Term Three - Passive Excellence: Leading by quiet example while influencing change, not by criticizing others, but by demonstrating ones excellence, talent, and abilities; performing with the highest of standards under adverse conditions, not to please others, but to satisfy your internal value system; peacefully confronting ridicule and criticism by repeatedly producing quality in all endeavors.

Term Four - Ego-Free Compassion: Performing acts of generosity and kindness for others - often strangers - anonymously, without receiving satisfaction, recognition, or reward from any source other than from deep within; giving simply to increase the amount of goodness in the world.

Term Five - Self-Actualization Engagement: Based only on human values and without regard for personal consequences, making immediate, accurate, and critical decisions - often during a major crises – guided by the obligation of service to others. Realizing and justifying the immediate need to “…march into hell for a heavenly cause.”

Term Six - Human-Values Implementation: Empowering our behavior with the tools of non-instinctual free choice, ego-free compassion, passive excellence, and self-actualization engagement, thus becoming the master of ourselves while enriching other people and the world around us.

Developed and Copyrighted © Roger F. Cram, July 2006, from his studies of the Tuskegee Airmen Legacy and other heroes of peace.