Roger F. Cram
         6752 Bancroft St. P.O. Box 642  Hiram, Ohio 44234-0642
     Cell: 330-569-4912  Email:

College Education
M.B.A.                                    Kent State University          Kent, Ohio
B.A. Business Management      Hiram College                     Hiram, Ohio
Magna Cum Laude, Honors in Economics, Phi Beta Kappa


Modeling Future Heroes Inc.
2007 to present                    Modeling Future Heroes, Inc. - president
Motivational keynote speeches, workshops, and seminars on leadership and conflict-resolution based on the values used by world heroes of peace - Military, corporate, higher education, civic organizations

Hiram College, Hiram, Ohio 44234
1995 to 2017                       Hiram College              Hiram, Ohio
     Adjunct Faculty - Designed and tought college-level courses

1985 to 2005                       Hiram College               Hiram, Ohio
       Director Telecommunications, Purchasing, Collections,
       Vice President Hiram College Property Management, Inc.

Firebird Flying Shool, Inc.
1981 to 1984                       Firebird Flying School, Inc.   Middlefield, Ohio
      President and chief flight instructor

Hiram Village, Ohio
1971 to 1980                       Hiram Village                 Hiram, Ohio
       Zoning Inspector, Hiram Village Planning Commission
       Chairman, Board of Public Affairs

1971 to 1980                        Hiram Village                  Hiram, Ohio
 Chief of Police

City of Fort Lauderdale, Florida
1965 to 1971                       City of Fort Lauderdale, Florida
 Police Officer – City of Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Research – 2000 to Present

For fifteen years at Hiram College I researched the leadership characteristics of world heroes of peace when they were in the midst of a severe crisis. Magnificent people under a crises and performing at their best – what values ruled their critical decisions?  I was looking for values common to all these heroes; his findings astonished and inspired him!    

I first researched the Tuskegee Airmen, a group of black pilots established in 1941 by the U.S.  government as a means to show that blacks have not the intelligence, courage, or ability to fly or maintain military aircraft. However, despite cruel discrimination, inferior equipment, and unreasonable standards the Tuskegee Airmen succeeded with unprecedented achievements still unmatched today. How?

Researching the Tuskegee Airmen’s leadership qualities revealed twelve repeated values of remarkable integrity. I then researched fifty famous world heroes of peace including Nelson Mandela, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Ginetta Sagan, Booker T. Washington, Eleanor Roosevelt, Mahatma Gandhi, and William Wilberforce. I found these exceptional heroes employed the same twelve values, plus two others, bringing the total to fourteen.       

Subsequently, I discovered these fourteen values are embraced by heroes living among garbage dumps in Nicaragua and the shanty-town ghettoes of South Africa. Regardless of wealth, nationality, gender, culture, or religion – all the heroes of peace that I studied applied the same value system when they were performing at their best.

College Courses I Created and Taught - Hiram College, Tri-C, Lorain Couminity College, Lakeland Community College

Diversity through Debate
This course explores a wide range of diversity issues that pertain specifically to race and ethnicity.  We will study human behavior and see how prejudice, bias, and discrimination play a role in economics, politics, and creating a false self-esteem. From the Celts in England to the Irish, Italians, Chinese, and Latinos in America, repeated patterns of social discrimination will be explored. How do instincts such as aggression, jealousy, and dominance play into these disruptive behavior choices? This is not a course in debating, but rather where the media of debate will be used as a teaching aid.

Children of the Dump – Nicaragua
This course examines the effects of poverty on economics, opportunity, and health care in poor countries concentrating on the real victims – the children.  Examining the reasons for extreme poverty, this course gives particular attention to the United Nations Millennium Goals and to those who are making a major difference in the well being of the destitute. The effectiveness of U.S. government foreign aid and the future hope associated with NGOs (Non Governmental Organizations) is closely examined.

Modeling Future Heroes - A Practical Application of Human Values
This is a study of magnificent people performing magnificently during times of crises, at
their finest hour, and how we can use their values and conflict-resolution techniques in our lives. The course will involve fifty heroes of peace - some rich, some children, some political, and some living in the depths of squalor. We will study their unique accomplishments and compare their conflict resolution and problem solving techniques with their environment (war, social injustice, poverty, human rights, and equality issues).

The Tuskegee Airmen – A Study in Group Dynamics and Passive Excellence
This course involves the group dynamics and leadership theories using the Tuskegee Airmen experiment as a basis. We will examine how racism can be successfully combated with ethics, and how goal setting, nonverbal communications, and strong group leadership can overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Despite many, almost insurmountable obstacles intentionally placed in the way of their success, the black Tuskegee-trained airmen triumphed over all opposition and developed into the
most skilled and formidable fighting air force ever known.  This course will attempt to find answers to the following questions: How could this be when the architecture of theTuskegee Airmen program was designed for failure?  How did the Tuskegee Airmen’s group dynamics serve as a “substitute” for outside managerial leadership?  How did theTuskegee group leaders employ various leadership theories to successfully overcome their seemingly impossible obstacles?

Electronic Crime in Modern Business Cultures
Interdisciplinary – management and physics. Today’s modern organizations communicate with electronic gadgets that have not only created new efficiencies in business operations, but also opened the door to new opportunities for fraud, theft, industrial espionage, and other offenses. How do these devices operate? How secure are they for transmitting proprietary information concerning critical business operations? How are criminals using these devices to commit crimes, steal business secrets, and cost companies millions of dollars in fraud?

Aviation Weather
Many aircraft accidents are aided by weather.  Thunderstorms and other severe weather are Obvious contributors, but more often high temperatures, low pressure, and changing winds are the real culprits.  This course deals with the physics of aerodynamics and meteorology regarding how an aircraft’s ability to fly is influenced by atmospheric conditions.  Aircraft aerodynamics (weight, lift, thrust, drag, Bernoulli’s Principle) will be interwoven with weather phenomenon influencing aircraft performance (air pressure, temperature, lapse rate, wind shear, density altitude, fronts) to combine into a fascinating study in physics.

Modern Aviation Principals
This is an in-depth study of today’s modern ARTCC (Air Route Traffic Control System) including various
forms of air navigation (pilotage, dead reckoning, radio navigation, radar vectors, and GPS). Aircraft and
airport radio communications, approach and departure procedures, in-flight collision avoidance, and runway incursion incidents will be presented and with visual and instrument navigation charts. The new aircraft security and passenger screening as prescribed by Homeland Security and FAA (Federal Aviation
Administration) and NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) regulations will be covered.

Human Trafficking
Is there really any slavery left in today’s modern World?  Didn’t the 1865 Emancipation Proclamation end slavery in the U.S.? Third only to drugs
and weapon sales, human trafficking is the largest and fastest growing organized crime activity in the world resulting in a multi-billion dollar industry. Forced factory and agricultural labor, the sex trade, debt bondage, domestic help, children soldiers, and the selling of human organs comprise the many facets of this contemptible trade.

There are 27 million slaves in the world today secretly held captive and forced into manual labor and the
sex trade. This is more slaves than existed during the entire 350 years of the Atlantic slave trade. In this
course we will explore the world slavery problem with emphasis on women and children. The political and economic reasons slavery is so prolific, the legal and ethical standards that clash with different cultures, and the undertakings currently trying to combat this scourge will also be investigated.

Children of Immigration and Border Crossings
Economic and political controversy besieges the Mexican-American border. Arguments against immigration range from keeping out “unwanted aliens” to fighting a billion dollar drug trafficking business.  Arguments in favor speak of social justice and economic benefits. In this course we will try to understand the forces creating these problems.  That will depend in part in listening to the people’s stories, discovering where they are coming from and what they want to accomplish.  We will study the perspectives of the Border Patrol, the immigrants from Mexico and other Latin American countries, the U.S. residents close to the border, the U.S. businesses using immigrant labor and/or moving to Mexico to get cheaper labor, the drug runners and the Mexican drug wars, the politicians who try to reduce the complexities to “sound bites.” We will learn to discern the ethical issues, including questions of discrimination and racism. We will also look at the social, political and economic issues, including those of power and money. But most of  all, we will look at the children!

Speeches, Workshops, and Seminars that I Have Presented

Presentations to Colleges and Universities

2006 - North West University, Johannesburg, South Africa
2006 - Tuskegee University, Tuskegee, AL, Black History Month
2008 - Walsh College, Troy, MI
2008 - Mount Wachusett Community College, Boston, Massachusetts
2009 - Babson, College, Babson, Massachusetts
2010 – 2017 Hiram College, Hiram, Ohio
2010 – Case Western Reserve University – International Peace and War Summit – Panelist
2010 -
Human Rights Museum – Winnipeg, Manitoba – Peaceful Conflict Resolution

2011 – York University, Toronto, Ontario, Master of Ceremonies – Alliance Against Modern Slavery

Presentations to the U.S. Military

2005, 2006, 2007, 2009 - Tuskegee Airmen National Convention
2008 - Department of Defense,  National Guard, Washington D.C.
2008, 2009 - Travis Air Force Base, California
2008 - Scott Air Force Base, St. Louis, Missouri
2008 - United States Naval Reserves, Cleveland, Ohio
2008 - United States Coast Guard, Cleveland, Ohio
2009 - 110th Fighter Wing - Battle Creek, Michigan
2009 - United States Air Force ROTC, Cleveland, Ohio
2009 - Tuskegee Airmen Central - 2-Day Youth Training Seminar - Akron, Ohio
2010 - Luke Air Force Base - Phoenix, Arizona

Presentations to Primary Education Institutions

2007 - Grassroots Youth Entrepreneurship 3-day seminar, high school in Nicaragua
2009 - Royal Oak School System, Royal Oak, Michigan
2007, 2009, 2010 - High School Teacher Recertification - 5-day seminar, Hiram College
2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 - Revere Middle School – 5 speeches on Human Values
2008 – Cleveland City Schools - The Values of the Tuskegee Airmen
2008 – Area-Q Community Center, Port Elizabeth, South Africa – neighborhood leaders
2009 – Chagrin Falls, Ohio: Human Values presentation
2010 – Aurora, Ohio: Human Values Presentations
2015 - Streetsboro High School, four presentations - the Stigma of Mental Illness

Presentations to Civic Institutions

2006 - South Africa: Honeydew Rotary Club of Pretoria
2008 - Ontario: Rotary International World Peace Conference - Windsor, Ontario - Opening Speaker
2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 - Rotary District 6630 Conference, Cleveland area, Ohio
2009 - Rotary International District 6270 Conference, Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin
2009 - Rotary International District 6380 Conference, Frankenmuth, Michigan
2009 - Rotary International District Zone 27-28 Institute, Sandusky, Ohio
2009 - Rotary International District Zone 31-32 Institute, Niagara Falls, New York
2010 - Rotary International District 6630 Conference, Sandusky, Ohio
2010 - Rotary International District 5550 & 5580 Conference, Winnipeg, Manitoba
2010 - Rotary International District 6360 Conference, Kalamazoo, Michigan
2011 – Rotary International District Conference 6630 – Beachwood, Ohio
2011 – Rotary International District Conference 7780 – South Portland, Maine
2011 – Rotary International District Conference – 7860 – Groton, Connecticut
2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 - NAMI (National Alliance of Mengtal Illness)
2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 - Hudson Sunrise Rotary Club: Human Trafficking, Aviation, Mental Illness
2012 - The Cleveland City Club - The Tuskegee Airmen
2014 - The Cleveland In-Town Club -
2015, 2016, 2017 - Mental Health Recovery Board - Crisis Intervention Team training
2015- The Cleveland In-Town Club - The Values of Anbonymouns Giving
2015 - Coleman Professional Services - Dealing with Panic Attacks
2016 - Rotary District 6630 Interact Conference - Cleveland, Ohio
2016 - Coleman Professional Services - the Stigma of Mental Illness
2017 - Rotary Club of Aurora, Ohio - Aurora, Ohio - The Values of Anonymous Giving
2017 - Rotary District 6630 District Conference, Cleveland, Ohio - The Values of Anonymous Giving

Media Appearances

People Magazine
Cleveland Magazine
Cleveland Plain Dealer Newspaper
Youngstown Vindicator Newspaper
The Discovery Channel TV – N.O.W. – No Opportunity Wasted -1-hour holiday special.
abc Good Morning America
CNN News
Channel 3 TV – Cleveland, News
Chanel 5 TV – Cleveland, News
Channel 8 TV – Cleveland, Robin Swoboda Show – May 2010

International Involvement

2006 - South Africa: (Port Elizabeth, Johannesburg, Cape Town) 2006 – Study poverty in townships and children with AIDS in hospice centers.
2006 – Nicaragua: Children of the Dump – working with schools and grass roots entrepreneurship.
2007 - South Africa: (Humanitarian projects in townships and Area-Q in Port Elizabeth)
2007 – Nicaragua: doctors from the Cleveland Clinic on a medical mission to pediatric hospitals.
2008 - Nicaragua: Children of the Dump – took fourteen Hiram College students to study poverty and teach English to school children.
2009 – Nicaragua: the fishing village El Minco, Batania Trade School of the Children of the Dump.
2010 – Kenya: Created and found funding for water well in the Neighbourhood School in Engoshura
2010 – Jamaica: Satellite dish and classroom computers for a school in Jamaica
2010 – Nicara: Five-school joint clothing drive for the Children-of-the-Dump in Nicaragua
2010 - Manitoba: Human Rights Museum – Winnipeg – Presented 2-Day Human Values Seminar
2010 - Present - India: Sponsor child in India prevented from entering human trafficking
2011 - Nicaragua: Chinandega - High School - Sponsored Westly through graduation
2011 – Nicaragua: Chinandega - School of the Blind – sponsor student named Chilo through college
2012 - Chinandega, Nicaragua - Master's Degree - sponsored Maria Jose through Graduate School
2013 - 2017 - Kenya: Engoshura - Sponsoring Albert and _____ through high school
2016 - 2018 - Kenya: Engoshura - Helped sponsor two students through high school
2017 - Engoshura, Kenya - Neighbourhood Academy - Rotary Grant for 160 beds for orphans

Awards and Academic Honors

Phi Beta Kappa – Hiram College
Magna Cum Laude – Hiram College
Honors in Economics – Hiram College
Presidents Achievement Award – Junior Man of the Year – Hiram College
State of Ohio - Ohio Senate - Community leadership
United States Congress - Community leadership
Cleveland City Schools - Tuskegee Airmen values and community involvement
City of Cleveland - Recognition of community contributions
Rotary World Peace Summit - Opening speaker, Contribution-Towards-World-Peace Award
110th Fighter Wing, USAF - Leadership Through Change
United States Air Force - for Leadership Presentations
Hiram College, Jane P Rose - Adjunct Teacher-of-the-Year Award

Affiliations, Organizations, Licenses

The Tuskegee Airmen - North Coast Chapter , Cleveland, Ohio  – Past President
Tuskegee Airmen United States Central Division – 2nd VP – Youth Education and Training
The Rotary Club of Garrettsville-Hiram, Ohio 1984-1985 President
Hope and Relief International, Inc. – Houston, Texas – board member, Children of the Dump Nicaragua
The National Peace Alliance - Winnepeg, Ontario - member
Rotary International, Aurora, Ohio – past president, past district foundation chair, grants manager
FAA licensed Commercial pilot, flight instructor, ground school instructor, CFII MEI AGII
Free the Slaves, Inc. - member
Colaborative to End Human Trafficking - Northeastern Ohio - certified community speaker
Big Brothers and Sisters of Portage County - mentoring little brother five hyeasrs
CIT (Crisis Intervention Team) Instructor - Law Enforcement Training - State of Ohio
NAMI Ohio - Nationmal Alliance of Mental Illness - State Certified Instructor
NAMI Portage County - National Alliance of Mental Illness - board member, president
Coleman Professional Services - Ravenna and Kent, Ohio - former secretary, board member